Aluminium Doors:

The aluminium doors colours are available in white, natural, charcoal and bronze, with different styles and sizes to select from. Double glazed glass is optional.

The types of aluminium doors available:

Vista folding doors:

Vista doors are folding action doors which include 3; 4; 6; 7; 8; and 10 panels for the door. The panels fold upon one another when opened to the left or the right with different handles to choose from when choosing this door.

Vista Folding DoorsVista Folding Doors 2


Sidelights are windows that are on the side of the doors. It can be all opening windows or opening windows and fixed panels depending on your choice.
Sidelights DrawingsSidelights Drawings 2

Hinge doors: 

There are a variety of hinge doors to choose from such as Cape Victorian doors, Classic doors, stable doors, French doors and large pane doors with different handles to choose from depending on your choice. The hinge doors can either be a single door or double door.
Hinge doorsHinge doorsHinge doors

Louvre doors: 

This has no glass in the door; it is replaced with fixed aluminium strips for ventilation.